About our music and services


Your Music for Africa

Tracks are generally thematic in nature and unless specified on the CD’s,
seldom linked to a particular African group or geographic location.

Vocals used in the music productions are also largely incidental chants or
feel-good vocalizations, without direct association or meaning … giving you
ever greater scope for varied production use.

Universal themes are applied on the odd occasions when an African language is actually used in a lyrical context. Optional backtrack mixes of titles without vocals are also available.

Should you have any specific queries regarding English translations or the context of any voices used in one of our titles, please contact us


Customization and specially composed music

Close, but no cigar?

The Mathambo Music creative team can accommodate any additional requirements with edits, re-arrangements or scored custom music.

volume and tone

Who has worked with us...

The Discovery Channel, BBC, SKY, SABC, ETV , MNET, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, ABC On-Air, are amongst those who have used our music.

South Africa's official presentation promotional video for the winning 2010
FIFA World Cup soccer bid was enhanced by the exclusive use of Mathambo Production Music in live events and worldwide broadcasts.

Several titles have been included in the USA film production "Malcolm X" DVD . Our music can also be heard daily on the European broadcast zone of the Discovery Channel.

Mathambo Music has unique production music
suitable for traditional
and atmospheric requirements.

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